Tree Squirrel

Scientific Name:  Sciurus.


(1) Tree Squirrel Facts

As the name suggests, tree squirrels live in trees. They are seen to be climbing across trees all along the da. Tree Squirrel includes hundreds of species across the world. They will never be found in burrows, rocks or in attics and chimneys. The Eastern Gray Squirrel and the Eastern Fox Squirrel ( Sciurus Niger ) were first observed in Washington in the early 1900s.
Tree Squirrel, Squirrel Tree Service, Baby, Red, Grey, Gray, Flying, House, What do Squirrels Eat, Habitate How do they look?
About 20 inches long with a bushy tail, the upper part of the Eastern Gray Squirrel is greyish while the underparts are whitish.

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(2) What do Tree Squirrels Eat? Tree Squirrels Diet

Tree squirrels eat a variety of food ranging from pine seeds, acorn, tree bark, berries, and different types of wild fungi including fly agaric mushrooms. Tree squirrels have a high tolerance for humans and hence inhibit neighbourhoods and can also raid bird feeders for millet, corn and sunflower seeds. On rare occasions when their usual food sources are scarce, tree squirrels may also prey upon insects, frogs, small rodents including other squirrels, small birds, their eggs and young ones. Pine nuts and acorns are very hih in oil and moderately high in carbohydrates, which help increase the development of body fat.

(3) Tree Squirrels Habitat

Tree Squirrel nests called “dreys” are mostly seen in trees. The Dreys are built from sticks and leaves wrapped with long strands of grass. A Tree Squirrel makes two stick nests.

(1) The first drey is large and round and well covered for use in winter. It will also be used during the upbringing of the young ones.
(2) The second drey is for regular use. They use it as a temporary platform for sleeping.

Both types of dreys are built with the same materials; sticks and twigs and are lined with leaves, lichens, moss and shredded bark. The first Drey may be lined with tail hair. The size of the nest is around 43 cm and can go upto 91 cms.


(4) Baby Squirrels Fell out of Tree?

If you have baby Squirrels fell out of the tree, either you need to put them to the safe place or call the rehabilitator.

(1) You need to put them to the place where the mother squirrel can see them. Wait for the mother squirrel to come back and see them. She will come back and lift them with her teeth and will take them back to the nest.
(2) Make sure they are not surrounded by the external parasites like ants or fleas. If they are, you need to keep them away using your hand. and follow step 1.
(3) If the nest is easily accessible to you, then put it safely into the nest.

(5) Squirrel Tree Frog

The Scientific name of the Squirrels tree frog is Hyla squirella. The squirrel tree frog is a small species of tree frog found in the southeastern United States, from Texas to Virginia.
Tree Squirrel Frog, Squirrel Tree Service, Baby, Red, Grey, Gray, Flying, House, What do Squirrels Eat, Habitate How do the Look like?
Squirrel tree frogs are small frogs, about 1.5 inches long as adults. They are found in many color variations, but most commonly they are green and look very much like the American green tree frog.

The scientific name of the American green tree frog is Hyla cinerea. They can also be varying shades of yellow or brown, sometimes with white or brown blotching.

(6) Red Tree Squirrel

Scientific Name:   Sciurus vulgaris.

The red squirrel is native to Britain. They are also known as European Red Squirrel.  Red Squirrel, Red Tree Squirrels
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