Flying Squirrel

These Squirrels cannot fly like birds. They glide between trees. The maximum flight recorded till date is 90 meters. They can change the direction and speed using their arms and legs. This seems like a furry parachute-like membrane that stretches from wrist to ankle. Its tail stabilizes the flight.

The Siberian flying squirrel

The Siberian flying squirrel It can be found from Baltic Sea in the west to the pacific Ocean in the east.
Note: It was always a topic of debate on flying squirrel revolution history before 21st century. Two molecular study clearly clarified its evolution history. As per a Study flying squirrels originated 18–20 million years ago, which is wonderful and they are monophyletic. Also, they have a sister relationship with tree squirrels.”

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(2) Life cycles of Flying Squirrels

Life time: Around 6 years in wild and up to 15 years in Zoos.
Mortality Rate: High.
The reason for high mortality rate in young squirrels is predators and diseases.
Predators: * Predators include tree snakes, raccoons, owls, martens, fishers, coyotes, bobcats, and feral cats, etc.
* In the Pacific Northwest of North America, the Northern Spotted Owl is a big known predator of the flying squirrels.
Food: They eat according to the kind of an environment they live in.
They are omnivorous so that they can eat whatever kinds of food they get. The North American southern flying squirrel eats fungi, flowers, gastropods (slugs and snails), spiders, shrubs, insects, seeds, and tree sap.

(3) Diet of Flying Squirrel

When do they eat: In Night. they use their highly developed senses of smell.
What do they eat:fruits, nuts, fungi and bird eggs.

(4) Reproduction or Mating Season

Mating Season:During February and March.
How they care their infant squirrels: The Female squirrels take care of their infant Squirrels and live with them. They nurther and protect them. The Males do not participate in nurturing their offspring.
How do they look: At birth, they are hairless, most of their senses are not developed.
Their internal organs are visible through their skins. and their gender can be identified.
When do they get fully developed: By Five Week.
When do the glide:after two and a half months, they glide perfectly.

(5) Northern Flying Squirrel

Scientific Name: Glaucomys sabrinus – One of two species of the genus Glaucomys
Where are they found: Northern flying squirrels are found in Coniferous and mixed forests across the top of North America, from Alaska to Nova Scotia, south to the mountains of North Carolina and west to California.
How do they look:Length: 25 to 37 cm
Weight: 110 to 230 grams.

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