Baby Squirrel

 Baby Squirrel Facts

A baby squirrel will make the transition to solid food from weeks 6-12 of its age. So, initially you need to keep them on proper diet.

What Baby Squirrels are Called?

Baby squirrels are called infants while in the nest. Then for their first year they’re usually referred to as Juveniles. After the first year, they become adults and are simply called squirrels.

Baby squirrels can be called kittens or kits, pups, or just babies depending on who you ask. Baby squirells have no official name but baby squirells with the various breeds of african pygmy to alpine marmot to red and grey squirrels, they are all lovable rodents.


What do What to Feed Baby Squirrel?

First try to find the mom. Most are not orphaned as you may think. Next get them warm and rehydrate them BEFORE trying to feed them. Warmed Pedialyte is the best-when they have been Please, always make sure that the baby is catually orphaned. Over half the time with wild animals they are not abandoned like we think. First, make sure they are warm and hydrated.

How to raise a Baby Squirrel

1 Try to find the Mother Squirrel. She should be around.
A squirrel’s real mom is the best mom. We should try to do anything we can to reunite the baby with its natural mom. We find babies on the ground after high winds and storms have knocked the nest out, after tree trimmers have cut the nest down, if one sibling has kicked the other out because of limited milk supply, if one just fell out while playing, if one is sick or injured or if mom has died and the babies are trying to look for food on their own.

2 Take the Baby Carefully.
Take the baby on the plain surface board which in order to observe the baby whether it is injured or bleeding. The surface should not be cool. Do not use towel or other similar material. their claws can stuck in there.

3 Keep the baby Squirrel Warm condition.
keep them immediately on the heating pad with minimum temperature. keep on checking the temperature to make sure it is not too hot.

You can keep them in washroom with open light or bulb. and wrap them with the news paper. news papers are usually warm becuase they are made from soft wood and prited with kerosine.

4 Find the Local Squirrel Rehabilitation Service near your area.

5 Try to get the baby hydrated.
Make sure the baby is warm before you give any fluids. Otherwise they won’t be able to digest them.

6 Stimulate the Baby Squirrel
Stimulate the baby as they need to be stimulated to poo and pee when their eyes are closed. Also, check theme time to time for the same.

7 Be Aware that Baby squirrels may have parasites.

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