Squirrel in Chimney

Got Squirrels in Chimney? Yes, they do love to live in Chimney and Attics. I got lots of email from readers and they say they hear the voice of the Squirrels but cannot see them or they were able to see them hardly couple of times. Some readers found squirrels in chimney when they returned from the vacation.
Squirrels enter into the chimney and sometimes they can't get out of the chimney and hence they die. Squirrels are the Great climbers and they need a safe and dry place for building a nest. So you need to have a cap on your chimney. No cap means an open invitation to build a nest inside your chimney.

Squirrels in Chimney, how to get Squirrels out of chimney, in your my chimney
[This is how the Chimney Cap looks like]
Squirrels in Chimney, how to get Squirrels out of chimney, in your my chimney
[Squirrel in Chimney]
Please make a note: NEVER NEVER EVER START A FIRE. if you do so you instead of they come out you will get them burned alive. As a result, You will get very horrible smell inside your house and it will long last even you spray room freshners or deos. If you have got squirrels in your chimney, there are so many easy and effective ways you can get squirrels out of chimney effectively.

(1) Use a think Rope:

Squirrel in Chimney, Removal with Rope from chimney
First thing is to check if the squirrel is able to go out of the chimney on their owm. As I said sometimes they come in but not able to come out. To do this, you need to lower a thick rope from the flu and see if the squirrel is able to come out. Wait for a day or two.

If they can, Enjoy!! you are the lucky one :)

(2) Odor deterrents:

You can use Odor deterrents as a second choice such as predators eurine, fox eurine. This may work because the area is very small. Here are some recommended options you can buy from Amzon.com. Click the image below to read the review and buy one for your.
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(3) Using Squirrel Trap:

The best thing to remove the squirrels is to place a trap at the top of the flu, this will catch the squirrel as it exits. If there are babies inside the chimney, they can be removed later on easily. You can also set a ground trap at the base of the chimney and do the same thing, but this may not be as effective as setting a trap on the flu.

You can also scare the mother squirrel out and remove the young later on, then you can use the youngs as live baits. The point to remember here is to "Never forget to remove the youngs/eggs after mother squirrel is caught".

Once all the squirrels are out, first thing you would need to do is to install a sturdy steel chimney cap to prevent this forever. [See the Image 1 on the beginning of this Article.]

To know more Tricks and way, visit our Squirrel Trap page.

(4) Other Squirrel Removal Solutions:

To know solutions on get number of solutions for Squirrel Removal

(5) Call an Expert:

If nothing work out, call an expert. Let the expert handle the things on their way. Here you can find the list of experts in your area in US. Click on your state below.

Note:Under no circumstance should a fire be used to evict any animal. Starting a fire will only burn and/or kill the animal.

  • From the roof, remove caps from the top of the chimney or exhaust fan.
  • Drop down a thick rope or cloth, such as old blankets or sheets, so the squirrel can climb out. It is a good idea to tie knots in the rope or cloth about 1 ft. apart, this will provide a more secure climbing surface. You may have to tie 2 or more together to reach the bottom of the chimney. Tie something to provide weight to the bottom of the rope or cloth, such as a hammer, pair of pliers, etc. Be sure to lower slowly. This will help you to feel the bottom, especially if the pipe is curved. Also, it will provide stability when the squirrel climbs up and out.
  • Make sure it reaches the bottom. Then secure the rope or cloth at the top.
  • Leave the area completely alone. The squirrel should climb out in 1-24 hours. NEVER LEAVE SQUIRRELS IN THE CHIMNEY OR EXHAUST FAN LONGER THAN 24 HOURS - THEY WILL DIE FROM DEHYDRATION!
  • Once the squirrel is gone, use a commercially built chimney cap to prevent reocurrence. Exhaust fans usually have caps on them. Use hardware cloth to block the area between the cap and the top of the pipe or any space that can be used as an entry point.
  • Or, open the fireplace door so that the squirrel can enter the house, then follow instructions for Removal through the House.

If the chimney is made of metal then use the above methods. If the chimney is firebrick then the squirrel can climb out on its own. But if it falls through the flu into the fireplace it usually cannot get back up into the chimney. Open the fireplace door and place a board or branch from the fireplace up to the flu. This way the squirrel can climb out on its own.

Note:It is a good idea to prepare for removal from the house before you open the fireplace door. Usually, the squirrel will stay in a back corner out of fear, but also out of fear, it may bolt into the house. The squirrel will not move out after dark, he will be sleeping. If the squirrel is discovered after dusk, the board or branch can be placed in the fireplace and chances are it won't bolt into the house but remember it won't leave until daylight comes.